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Clients Testimonies

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My mind is constantly replaying my time spend at Kowas. “Normal life” will never be the same again. What can I say except…THANK YOU.
Your hospitality and professionalism is what creates the memories and I shall never forget my time with you.

Jacques, there are some things we do in life that remain with us forever, & for me, hunting with you is most certainly one of them. I came to Namibia with no expectations, my only wish was to enjoy the hunting. I can honestly say I had a fantastic time. It was never about the trophies; it was about the experience. You are a true professional and it was an honor for me to spend time with you in the field.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will see each other again.
Steve Hawkins

This has been all that I have dreamed of. I have enjoyed the warm, welcoming hospitality, the amazing food, beautiful scenery. As a nonhunter, I was well looked after by al staff. Thank you for all of the laughs, especially around the fire every night. NIKKI

Amazing animals, awesome hospitality. Quality hunting, equally good times around the fire with great hosts and friends. Big thanks to Jacques (PH) and Becks (driver) as well as all the great, friendly staff. TIM
Tim and Nikki Blackwell

Thank you for another great safari. As always, a first class operation. Thanks for the friendship and memories.
Joseph Von Benedikt

What can I say, but THANK YOU? Thank you for helping so many of my dreams come true. From gazing at the Southern Cross to harvesting a big kudu, as well as many others. You have shortened my bucket list dramatically. Your operation is first class all the way.
Much appreciation – and may we meet again.
Aram Von Benedikt

Ahhh… As I reflected upon the last twee weeks, I am in awe and gratitude for the amazing opportunity you provided and worked extremely hard to maintain. Every day was a joy and pleasure to spend with your family and experienced Africa with you. Thank you. The hunting, the animals, the friendship will be cherished. Till next time.
Dan Kennedy

I had such a wonderful time here taking amazing trophies. The hospitality has been awesome and cannot say enough good things about this trip. A wonderful holiday and hut for both my wife and I. MARK
I had an amazing time at Kowas. The minute we arrive, we were made most welcome. We were treated like family during our stay. The food was amazing and all staff were wonderful. I will have everlasting memories of my time with all of you, especially the many days out hunting with Matheus (PH) and Dirk (driver). LAUREN
Mark and Lauren Rohde

Words cannot fulfill the fondness I feel for your guys. Arrive as stranger, leave as friends is your motto. Well, after 4 trips to Kowas, I feel like family now. We keep coming back for many reasons: the food, accommodations, the view, the conversations, the hunting, but mostly because of you guys. You are like family for me and I love you guys dearly. Rest assure we will do our best to get back again soon…
Scott Carroll

What can I say. You fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine. Since I was a young boy, I wanted to go on an African safari. Danie, Ansie and Jacques, and the Kowas staff treat you as family. It is never about the trophy, but the experience. This is an experience I will never forget. Matheus as PH and Dirk as driver, were an awesome team and made my hunts memorable. Matheus is by far the best hunter I have ever met. I have enjoyed so much our conversations about Africa, Namibia, hunting, conservation and the USA. I cannot wait to bring my wife on my next visit to Kowas.
David Moore

Wayne loved his 2015-safari so much; now I know why. Thanks to everyone at Kowas for making my (Ann’s) very first trip to Africa so memorable. The food is fantastic.
Matheus Theofelus is an incredible PH – and so patient to allow me to tag along and ask questions. Dirk is so kind and polite. Our laundry was done every day perfectly. Our room is impactable. The Strauss family goes beyond to ensure that the Kowas experience is perfect. Thank you, Jacques, Ansie, Danie, for a wonderful vacation. Hope to be back soon.
Wayne and Ann Green

Great hunt. Good stalking. Excellent staff. We will be back.
Dustin Schilling

My son, Vance, and I had the time of our lives. No word can express my gratitude. Unbelievable time. First class hospitality. First class in all aspects. We have not stopped talking about all our experiences. We loved every minute and will always treasure the memories made from our Kowas trip and the new friendship formed with the Strauss family. We think highly of the Strauss family. I hope to make the trip again one day.
Allen Martinez

I first set eyes on Kowas in 2004, the result of which I was ask to join a friend to hunt Africa. Our first endeavor was to go into the Caprivi for a buffalo hunt and then back to Kowas for plains game. What one wants, most of all, on a first African hunt is to fulfill the "bucket list."

This was done and then some more. I had seen Ansie and Jacques several times since in Dallas and Ansie and Danie visited us at my home as well. In 2004 Jacques was about 10 years old and it was apparent then that he was destined to become an accomplished PH.

Fast forward 2016, my wife (Sam) and I decided to do Africa together and had Ansie and Danie put together a trip where we visit Kowas and visit as well, the Skeleton coast and Etosha National Park.

The young Jacques now in his mid-20's, did indeed develop into an accomplished Hunter and very admirable PH. The plains game hunting was exceptional (I have been to Africa 5 times) and everything I had hoped for. Ansie and Danie accompanied my wife and I to Swakopmund and Etosha.

Any trip to Namibia can be to hunt or to photograph the game. To combine the two and share it with the quality of companions such as the Strauss' is to hit the ball out of the park.

This trip with the Strauss' planning was a hunt, a honeymoon and an adventure.
Carl and Sam Nechtman

What will remain with me forever, is the way in which Jacques has conducted himself with absolute commitment and enthusiasm with every hunt. I will treasure our moments in the hunting field for a lifetime. That old, mature, kudu bull under the Camelthorn tree that I could not see, but you have spotted it from 150 yards, testified exactly your field knowledge and intuition that cannot be learned overnight! I was very at ease with you in the field and we could enjoy interesting and informative conversations on many topics of hunting. I learned a lot from you.

I was also very impressed with the way that Ansie and Danie operate the Kowas Hunting Safaris operation and it proves the success that you have achieved.

For me, everything was excellent. The accommodation was second to none with excellent facilities. A very special thank you to Ansie and Danie for making my stay a real African experience. Just the opportunity to visit and relax and become part of your family around the campfire, is memorable for me. The honored of experience the opportunity to be in the field, is meaningful to me.

Danie and I are kindred spirits of the 80s and we share many values and memories of these years. I would also like to extend a very special thanks to Ansie who made all the arrangements and communication so easy and make me feel at home; from the first e-mail through to the first “Welcome”, until the drop off at the airport. The meals were excellent and your hand could be seen in everything to make it comfortable for the guests.

Just a very big thank you to all at Kowas. This was a most memorable hunt and stay! I cannot thank Jacques enough for all his magnificent expertise in the hunting field. Guiding me to ten magnificent hunts.

I shall l miss our times around the fire. Hopefully I will be back with my family.

Until we meet again.
Chris Gouws

It was a wonderful stay. It was a pleasure to hunt with you. I truly cannot think of anything I would recommend you doing differently. In fact, I would recommend that you continue to do just as you are! Don’t mess with a good thing.
David Harrell

It was great to return to my friends at Kowas after 12 years of absence. I brought my son, Derek, on this hunt and it was a fabulous experience with Danie, Ansie and Jacques in addition to their wonderful employees. The two of us leave with a bonding experience and hunt that we will never forget. Derek and I are still in awe of your place and your hospitality. You are wonderful people!
Dave Mathison

It is difficult to put into words how much I truly enjoyed my safari at Kowas. Everything was perfect and all expectations were greatly exceeded. I truly feel that I arrived at Kowas a client but left as a friend. The accommodations were outstanding, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the property is breathtaking. I'm already thinking about what animal’s I’d like to hunt on my return visit to Kowas!
Derek Mathison

Kowas Hunting Safaris is a family operated trophy hunting operation, a hunting concession in the Dordabis area South East of Windhoek comprising around 400,000 acres. I have been twice to hunt in Africa, the first time to the Republic of South Africa. The South African hunt felt “canned” to me and was on smaller high-fenced parcels and didn’t feel sporting, which I found from others can be common in that country. The Namibian hunt with Kowas Hunting Safaris was much different in that the country is much more open and rural with large ranches, which we hunted. It reminds me quite a bit of rural areas of New Mexico and far West Texas. We were hunting large parcels in a spot and stalk manner and the hunting was exceptional. As my dad said, it is something every serious hunter needs to experience at least once in their life time.

Additionally, the hospitality of Ansie, her husband, Danie, and son, Jacques, was wonderful. The accommodations in camp were very nice and the food, generally consisting of meals of the wild game that was being taken, were exceptional. All of the game meat that was not eaten in camp (guests and employees and their families) is donated to the local community or sold to a market; nothing goes to waste.

A plains game hunt can be done affordably and I highly recommend doing one sooner rather than later, with Kowas Hunting Safaris. In fact my dad and I have already booked to go back in August, 2017. My wife and my mother will also be coming on our next Kowas-trip as non-hunting observers. I cannot wait…
Dustin Schilling

We enjoyed so much your kind and hospitable company and that of your staff on our visit. I have never felt as welcomed by total strangers in my life. It must be difficult to invite strangers into your home every week, never knowing what sort of weirdo might appear next. Your entire staff was so accommodating to Umpa and his sons. Their smiling faces, especially Julia in the morning, and their willing attitudes are a testament to your entire family's attitude toward your business.
Rene Henry

It was the trip of a life time. Everything from the time you picked us up until you dropped us off was fantastic.
Mike Brown

We had a wonderful time hunting with you and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I plan to return again!
Steve Weidman

I cannot tell you how much fun I had. What memories!
Thank you all again for making my first trip to your lovely country so wonderful.
Wayne and Ann Green

Thank you so much for all you did to make this second trip to Kowas, special, once again. I still can’t believe that you pulled off wedding arrangements without Kathy finding out! Kowas was the perfect setting for our wedding. Your hospitality is second to none – which is why we call Kowas home.
Dana and Kathy Terry

A big check for my bucket list… but so much more than that! Kowas exceeded any of our expectations. The family hospitality was spectacular. The cooking was amazing, especially for a person who doesn’t eat game - delicious!!!
Jacques and Becks were the best team for us. We recommend them to anyone. Africa was more than we could have dreamed of. Thank you for the hospitality. I have new respect for life on this beautiful continent.
Angelo and Kathy Viscariello

Another amazing trip with our friends at Kowas. It was my third trip and I hope to return again. Thank you so much.
Robert Hagler

Great hunting. Great food. Great hospitality. I cannot put into words how exciting and exhilarating the experience at Kowas was. Thank you, all the staff – especially Jacques who made my First African experience one to remember for a lifetime.
Terry Lambert


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