About Kowas Hunting Safaris

Kowas – the answer to your “lifelong hunting in Africa” dream…

Where you will be taken back to yesteryear…

Why Hunt with Kowas Hunting Safaris Namibia?

  • Land is owned by the Strauss family including 400 000 ha of hunting rights in the surrounding area, which is FREE RANGE HUNTING, only 1-hour drive from the airport.
  • Small hunting operation, taking one hunting party at a time, ensuring full attention, top quality trophies and an experience of a lifetime to cherish forever, while catering for non-hunters too.
  • 85% returning clients since they love the attention to detail.
  • Fair chase, ethical hunting practices, walk-and-stalk hunting method.
  • Affordable prices and packages with NO hidden costs.
  • Family owned operation, homely atmosphere with excellent accommodation, cuisine, personal care and effective communication skills before, during and after your safari.
  • Established outfitter with 19 years of experience in the trophy hunting industry.
  • Abundance of wildlife, excellent trophy quality and experienced PH’s to guide you.

Your Hosts: The Strauss Family

Our Vision is to exceed your safari expectations and dreams with our service, ethics, authenticity, and sustainable management practices.

strauss family

Kowas Hunting Safaris was established in 1999 on a private property named Kowas. It was our lifetime dream to transform the property into a wildlife-only sanctuary. This dream and passion commenced in 1990 which enabled us to relocate 17 antelope species. This area is also home to 7 predator species, including cheetah, leopard and hyena. More than 200 bird species can also be seen at Kowas.


The Strauss family welcomes you to Kowas Hunting Safaris, where we are known for our hospitality, friendliness, punctuality, ethics, trophy quality and quest for detail.


Kowas Hunting Safaris also forms part of the Dordabis Conservancy, a pristine, free-roaming wildlife area consisting of 400 000 acres.


Our team completes a puzzle, each member contributing a piece to the overall picture.



Danie is the driving force behind the family lifetime dream in creating a wildlife-only area where wildlife roam freely in an unspoiled natural environment. As a former CEO of five companies, he ensures that proper structures are put in place ensuring a motivated, punctual workforce taking care of every need, requirement and request while on safari.



Ansie is the charming personality which everything evolves around at Kowas Hunting Safaris. Her friendliness, quest for detail, cuisine and marketing ability is some of her greatest assets in our operation. Ansie is Head of marketing and lodge management at Kowas Hunting Safaris.



Jacques has a passion for hunting and outdoor life. He is not a person to be kept in an office. For this reason, Jacques has been appointed as CEO of Kowas Hunting Safaris where all the hunting operations falls directly under his control and supervision.


Jacques has a Business degree in Marketing and Tourism Management which serves him well in his role as CEO. He is furthermore a registered Big Game Professional Hunter.



Elleni has a quest for detail and punctuality. She is in charge of the administration and finances at Kowas. Elleni obtained a BSc Degree in Agriculture. She also runs the family’s cattle stud farm during her free time. She is a charming cowgirl that loves the outdoors, and accompanies Jacques on long safaris to manage our hunting camps.



We are proud to have Matheus for 19 years part of our Kowas team. Many clients commented that Matheus is one of the best hunting professionals they have ever hunted with. His consistency in character and personality combined with patience makes him one of the best in this industry.


Matheus is also blessed with technical skills. He can fix everything on the property that might break, without supervision. He is therefore also Head of Maintenance, ensuring all equipment functions well and up to standard.



Christiaan is in charge of slaughtering / skinning and trophy preparation and has been part of our team for the past five years. He takes extremely good care of the trophy requests while you are free to visit his slaughtering facility when preparing your trophies. The slaughtering and trophy preparation area has been upgraded to be one of the best in Namibia.



Louisa is one of our friendly housekeeping and cleaning staff members. She ensures your stay is a pleasant one, with attentiveness, caring and hardworking as some of her attributes.



Julia is the charming lady and part of the laundry and cleaning staff members. She ensures your stay is a pleasant one, being trustworthy, punctual and a quest for detail as her focus point.



Michael is an excellent trackers and will ensure that wounded animals be tracked down. His attributes are punctuality, commitment, loyal and friendliness.

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