Shopping in Windhoek


Namibia is home to 11 ethnic groups of extreme diversity. These are namely: Herero, Damara, Nama, Coloured, Baster, Owambo, Ovahimba, Kavango, Caprivian, and San and White people. Each of the varied cultural groups has their unique traditional traits that contribute to the richness of the Namibia’s cultural heritage and unity.


When shopping in Windhoek, you will be exposed to mostly African crafts, either from the informal street vendors, craft center or curio (souvenir) shops. It is part of the African tradition to “bargain” for the prices at the informal street vendors only when making purchases.


Namibians like to display their craftsmanship in the form of baskets, woodcarvings, embroidered materials, sculptures and paintings. You will find many along your way of travels to take home as a reminder of a safari of a lifetime.


There are a number of cuisines on offer in Namibia. Traditionally meat is the main food of choice among the locals and Namibian beef is renowned worldwide for its quality and taste. There are plenty of restaurants countrywide with menus to cater for every taste.