Big Game Hunting in Namibia

Kowas Hunting Safaris offers the opportunity to hunt on land that teems with beasts of chase, infinite in number and incredible in variety. Namibia is Africa’s mecca for dangerous game hunting. Few people know that you can hunt all of the Big Five in Namibia – making Namibia one of Africa’s best kept secrets of Big Game hunting. Big game hunting is serious. Hunters must be willing to get into tight situations if pursuing any of Africa’s dangerous game.

What to expect

Choose Kowas for some of the best Big Game Hunting in Namibia. Most of the hunting takes place in the Zambezi Region along the river on the multiple islands, using a boat, canoe or 4×4 vehicle to move from one island to the next, and hunting thereafter is on foot by means of tracking or spot and stalk.

The primary trophy animals in this big game hunting area are buffalo, elephant, hippo, crocodile and limited quota on various plains game species.

There are three hunting camps that we use that are situated in the Mopane forest under huge indigenous trees. It has been recently upgraded with a new lapa area and canvas chalets each with en-suite bathrooms, fitted with flush toilets and hot showers. The camp is powered via generator and solar power. The Chalets and Lapa have lights with additional portable lights being provided after hours. The lapa has a charging station for batteries and phones.

Primal.  Dangerous.  Challenging.

Test your mettle against Africa’s most deadly. Namibia offers outstanding elephant, buffalo, hippo and crocodile hunting. It is not inexpensive in time, currency or courage, but the things most worth doing rarely are.

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Big Game Hunting Regions

The Zambezi Region of Namibia is an oasis with rivers like the mighty Zambezi, Chobe, Kwando and Linyanti with its complex channel of reed beds, lakes and islands. The big game hunting areas all lie in close proximity to three national parks namely; Mudumu National Park, Mamili National Park and opposite the Kwando/Linyanti River of which the opposite shoreline belongs to the world-renowned Chobe National Park of Botswana. You can expect to see Elephant, Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Crocodiles, Reedbuck, Red Lechwe, Sable, Roan, Kudu, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest and Leopard.


Chilling. Enchanting. Addicting. Hunt Africa’s dangerous species from the Linyanti Swamps to the mighty Zambezi River, spanning from one end of Namibia’s panhandle to the other. Explore buffalo-infested islands by canoe or track heavy-tusked elephant through towering forest. Our big game areas offer prime populations of cape buffalo, hippo, crocodile and elephant, plus a variety of plains game species.

Hunting the African Elephant


The African Elephant – what a prize for the hunter of dangerous game, what a dream for the lover of the mystique and romance of the age-old ivory trail and who revels in perusing the supreme of all wild animals, as our ancestors have for millennia.

The tremor and anticipation, the Kid-on-Christmas Day excitement, that courses through your being when the trackers and Professional Hunter finds a fresh elephant bull spoor, nod to each other and set off.

Downing a big, mature bull elephant is the goal; if he has great tusks, take that as a bonus, not a right.
A minimum of fourteen days is required to hunt the largest pachyderm on earth. A lot of driving and checking for fresh spoor of an old bull will form part of the majority of the trip, but it all is worth it when you track down an old-tusker.

Hunting the Cape Buffalo


The African Cape Buffalo has enjoyed a “Jack the Ripper” reputation throughout most of the Dark Continent. He has always been a top contender as the African continent’s most dangerous animal, and there is no question that the sheer physical characteristics of Mbongo, Njati, Nyati or narri, depending upon what dialect you hunt him, is a very unique package of aggregate attributes that in their total are unequaled by any other member of the Big Five.


Today, the Cape Buffalo is the most prolific of the dangerous Big Game in Africa. Are you up for the challenge to test your wit against a dagga boy?


Kowas Hunting Safaris offers some of the best buffalo hunts in Namibia’s top hunting areas. Definitely a hunt that will make you come back for more.




A fully qualified Big Game Professional Hunter known for his hard work and skill out in the veldt. Jacques conducts all the Kowas Hunting Safaris’ Big Game Safaris in northern Namibia. He is also one of a few Big Game Professional Hunters that has hunted all of the Big Five – Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Rhino, Lion and Leopard. With his experience and capabilities, he will let you feel at ease in the thickest of situations.

Jacques has hunted all the Big Five species.