Kowas Concession

The Kowas Hunting concession is situated in central Namibia where the central highlands border the Kalahari, conveniently situated just over an hours drive from Hosea Kutako International Airport (Windhoek). This concession operates from the Strauss family ranch, KOWAS. The Kowas concession area is approximately 400 000 acres. This is a plains game only area. We offer 22 Plains game species in an area teaming with wildlife. The Kalahari semi desert landscape brings you to the reality that there is a place where there is room and time enough. A beauty impossible to explain. Predators that occur in this area are: Leopard, Cheetah, Brown hyena, Caracal, Black back Jackal and a variety of smaller cats and foxes.

Hunt savannas, mountains, and thornbush veldt teeming with an infinite variety of game. Through an unwavering focus on conservation and ethical hunting practices, Kowas Hunting Safaris provides hunts for unpressured game and unsurpassed trophy quality.

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Vast. Pristine. Teeming with game.

Kowas hunts 400,000 acres of free-range territory in the Dordabis Conservancy, a region known continent-wide for it’s spectacular kudu genetics. A 17,000-acre private game reserve surrounds the safari headquarters.

Plains Game Hunting Regions

The landscape supports tree and shrub savannah of moderate to high species diversity. Much of the area is Acacia savanna, with open to semi-open, short bushland and grassland species. This vegetation type supports a very high diversity of species. Taller acacia trees are quite abundant, specifically in areas associated with rivers. This area is characterized by its hilly countryside and valleys, averages an altitude of 1,500 metres (4 600 ft) above sea level.

The vegetation is mainly shrub land and can be classified as the Highland Savannah and the Camel Thorn Savannah. The Highland Savannah area, which covers most of the region, consists mainly of acacia thorn trees. The vegetation comprises bushes, shrubs and good grass cover in parts.


Plains Game – Daily Rates

1 x 1 $395
2 x 1 $300
Observer $130

Group Prices

4+ Hunters (2 hunters : 1PH) $286
2 Hunters (1 hunter : 1PH) $300

*15% VAT to be added and payable on accommodation only (not trophies)

DEPOSIT REQUEST: US$800 per person

Daily Rates Include:

  • All road transport from and to local airports
  • Professional hunter services
  • Camp staff, gun bearers, skinner and tracking services
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and (reasonable quantity) drinks (wine / beer / soft drinks)
  • Field transport
  • Daily laundry service
  • Concession area fees
  • Field trophy preparation (No VAT is payable on exported trophies

Daily Rates Exclude:

  • Air travel to and from Lodge
  • Air travel to and from concession areas
  • Road travel between hunting (concession) areas
  • Road travel outside the Dordabis Conservancy area
    (Kowas Hunting Safaris forms part of the Dordabis Conservancy area.)
  • Accommodation before and after contracted safari period
  • Hard alcohol
  • Disinfecting, packaging, forwarding and insurance of trophies from Kowas via shipper to client
  • Trophy shipment costs
  • Rifle rentals at US$ 50.00 per day and ammunition at cost if required
  • Trophy hunting permit fee of US$25-00 per trophy hunting permit
  • Taxidermist charges
  • Staff gratuities
  • Value added tax (VAT) at 15% for accommodation (to be added to prices reflected on price list and all quotations.)
  • Value added tax (VAT) at 15% for all game species wounded and not found.

Hunting Safaris Namibia

We welcome you with warm African hospitality and enthusiastic service to make your stay with us a special one where you will gather memories to cherish forever.

Common Species

Hunting the African Elephant


The African Elephant – what a prize for the hunter of dangerous game, what a dream for the lover of the mystique and romance of the age-old ivory trail and who revels in perusing the supreme of all wild animals, as our ancestors have for millennia.

The tremor and anticipation, the Kid-on-Christmas Day excitement, that courses through your being when the trackers and Professional Hunter finds a fresh elephant bull spoor, nod to each other and set off.

Downing a big, mature bull elephant is the goal; if he has great tusks, take that as a bonus, not a right.
A minimum of fourteen days is required to hunt the largest pachyderm on earth. A lot of driving and checking for fresh spoor of an old bull will form part of the majority of the trip, but it all is worth it when you track down an old-tusker.

Hunting the Cape Buffalo


The African Cape Buffalo has enjoyed a “Jack the Ripper” reputation throughout most of the Dark Continent. He has always been a top contender as the African continent’s most dangerous animal, and there is no question that the sheer physical characteristics of Mbongo, Njati, Nyati or narri, depending upon what dialect you hunt him, is a very unique package of aggregate attributes that in their total are unequaled by any other member of the Big Five.


Today, the Cape Buffalo is the most prolific of the dangerous Big Game in Africa. Are you up for the challenge to test your wit against a dagga boy?


Kowas Hunting Safaris offers some of the best buffalo hunts in Namibia’s top hunting areas. Definitely a hunt that will make you come back for more.

Hunting Packages

Take a look at our curated plains game packages.
Feel free to use any of these as a basis to create your own hunting package.

Meet Your Professional Hunters



Assiduous, productive and committed… Born and raised in the hunting industry in Namibia. Receiving his Professional Hunters qualification in 2012, Jacques’ inquisitive personality lead him to become one of the best educated professional hunters on the Kowas Hunting Safaris’ team.



Conscientious, tireless and generous… Receiving his Master Hunting Guide qualification in 2002, Matheus did the miles and gained the experience in hunting plains-game, making him the most experienced plains-game guide on the Kowas Hunting Safaris’ team.

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